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  • Touring Mata Ortiz,Chihuahua, Mexico with IGIVETOURS formerly known as Tortuga Tours has been a family affair ever since we first began taking tourists in 1985. 

  • Tortuga Tours was started by Tito Carrillo, a local Tucson historian, who was one of the first traders to introduce Mata Ortiz pottery to the Southwest United States. He began providing American tourists an opportunity to visit the little unknown village of Juan Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico in the early 80's. 

  • Many villagers credit my father for their early success as this pottery movement grew more popular. His early tours served as motivation for villagers to continue perfecting their craft in order to create quality pottery to sell to future tourists.                                 
  • Our 4 day/3 night tour starts at a cost $600.00 with groups of 3 or more. It's $750.00 pp if only 2 people want to go. The tour includes round trip transportation in a 15 passenger van from Tucson, AZ, bed and breakfast accommodations in the heart of Mata Ortiz with all meals included in Mata Ortiz, a guided tour of the 5 Barrios in Mata Ortiz, visit the surrounding Pre-Columbian ruins of Paquime and Cueva de la Olla. As well as other interesting sight seeing opportunities.

  • I, Pablo Carrillo will guarantee a unique one of a kind experience and safe passage into Mexico. I have over 35 years experience of being an independent guide throughout Northern Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico.

  COme and see for yourself 

the beauty known as the 

miracle of mata ortiz.

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